Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts about Fred Thompson

I am very concerned with who is put in to office both locally and nationwide. When I find a candidate that I think is worth his/her salt, I vote for them. I, also, tend to explain-to those who will listen-my opinion and reasons.

Today, I'd like to talk about Fred Thompson. He is more than an actor, check his record, I did. He has experience in the Legislator and many other governmental positions. He endorses a large military as protection from outside threats from other nations and terrorist groups. He has values that many can relate with. He is outspoken and not afraid to say what his position is on any given topic. He is a proven leader. I believe that he is the right candidate for the Presidency. Not just because his values are similar to mine, but because his values don't change to fit what is politically correct for the moment or the crowd. Below are some of his values that I have taken from his I encourage others to do what I have done. Go there. Read about his biography, listen to his message and see for yourself why this man is one that all of America can back for presidency. I can't find a candidate that is more in touch with the core values of America-I've tried.

These are the remarks from the website Read them and check him out for yourself. After all, we-the American people-will be the ones to suffer under an new president or find a new president that we can be proud to elect. It is my belief that no one has the right to complain about the government if they did not vote. My vote is for this man, Fred Thompson. I think yours should be, too.

He’s talked about big issues and challenges our nation is facing now, and will face tomorrow:
The ongoing threat of Islamist terrorism
The unresolved economic threat of entitlements
The need for lower taxes to ensure our nation remains economically competitive and innovative
The need to secure our borders
The need to support families and to protect our children from the harder edges of culture
The need to remain engaged in the world while remaining true to America’s principles