Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First Day

"In the beginning was the Word.." St. John 1:1

So it has started. This is my first attempt at the strange and fancinating world of blogging. I'm not sure how it will go.

Words are powerful. Nations have gone to war and millions of lives have been lost due to a misspoken or miswritten word. I am on the journey of "Think before your speak". I am about half way there.

Perhaps we should also, think before you blog.

Suffering is supposed to produce patience and , at least for me, it did and does. Patience is a wonderful thing as it allows a person to reflect on both joys and pains and find meaning it both. What? Meaning in pain? You mean pain is useful. Of course. With pain, we find out that our tooth needs filling or a cut needs a bandage. Pain can save our lives, as with the first signs of a heart attack or serious illness. Pain is really useful in many ways.

It reminds us that we are yet alive. And that we should stay so. For if we choose to die, we knowingly cause others that we care about untold pain.

Stay Alive.